Stem Wall Wall fixture

Stem Wall, a disc-shaped applique that recreates enveloping atmosphere of light on the wall. The wall version of the Stem collection, products with a concept aimed at favoring the essence of light and clean design. Stem looks by a collection of garden stakes distinguished by a thin ring of light, designed to enhance the spectacular effect, the softness, and the exclusivity of the spaces. Its ideal use is the placement in green areas, bushes, intimate and welcoming outdoor living areas that evoke the warmth of home, charm and elegance. Also suitable for creating suggestive paths dedicated to embellishing entrances and walkways. Its diffused and fluid luminescence, as if it was a rarefied aura, blends into the naturalistic environment with harmony and delicacy, with the aim to build and enhance a scene by giving shape to a vision, without imposing itself on it. Precisely to favor the principle of fusion with the environment, Stem is offered in 9 paint colors, helping the needs of the client, the landscape architect, or the lighting designer. To complete the collection, there is also the wall version. Stem, the charm of the concept.

Installation tType
Wall installation

Die-cast aluminium

Opale Polycarbonate

Closed-cell EPDM rubber

Stainless steel A2

Anti-corrosive UV stabilised polyester powder

Dimmer system
Remote DALI dimmable

Accessory to be ordered separately (codes in the accessories list)

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Wall fixture -Remote driver 24Vdc

Wall fixture -Remote driver 24Vdc Stem Wall
Wall fixture -Remote driver 24Vdc Stem Wall
Wall fixture -Remote driver 24Vdc Stem Wall - Technical drawing
Code Beam Class IP W Source Fixture CCT LED
350W/WRRC DIFFR360 Diffuse 360° III 65 11W 1420 lm 800 lm 3000K
350W/NRRC DIFFR360 Diffuse 360° III 65 11W 1510 lm 880 lm 4000K

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