Who we are

Our history

Augenti Lighting comes from the collaboration of two great companies: Framon S.p.A, which started in the nineteen-thirties producing die cast lighting fixtures and developed over time into a manufacturer of professional lighting fixtures, has recently acquired Augenti, a successful and dynamical international reality, started in 1969 as Augenti Illuminazione and later transformed into Augenti Group, a leader in the lighting sector.

The goal of the new Augenti Lighting is to increase Augenti’s presence in the market, thanks to the more developed international sales network now available to it. Our mission is even stronger, with greater investment in research, innovation and design; our productive power is therefore energized with the enthusiasm brought by the manufacturing capacity of the important brand that acquired us.

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Made in Italy

The materials we use are exclusively of high quality with origin made in Italy.


Constant investments in research and innovation and design from the momentum and energy to new productions.


We produce cutting-edge devices thanks to the attention to the evolution of lighting techniques.


All the processing phases of the products are carried out within our production activities.

High standards

The products meet the highest quality standards according to the principles of Total Quality Management.


Architectural solutions that combine innovative design with high-level technical performance.

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Augenti Lighting has been operating on the market for over 40 years as a manufacturer of cast components for lighting and furniture and bases its expertise on the professional contribution of qualified and highly experienced personnel combined with a elevated technological and computerization level.

Augenti Lighting uses some of the most important raw material processing technologies such as die casting, shell casting with and without core and hot stamping.

Attention to details

Refined products, manufactured piece by piece in the name of Made in Italy with strictly selected materials.
It is the hallmark of the Augenti Lighting product lines in the interpretation of the Architectural, Traditional and Recessed versions.

We supply products in the lighting sector with high technological impact combined with an essential and refined aesthetic. Our production is extremely ductile also because it is able to perform any type of machining on the castings produced, using important technologically advanced and constantly renewed machinery, such as complex transfers, CNC lathes and machining centers.

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Attention to details

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The value of a style is the sum of a series of details that testify to the culture of quality in different choices.
As for the materials used, the finishes and the production methodology that are integrated in a balanced way to the aesthetic solutions proposed.

Augenti Lighting was born and developed within the Italian manufacturing tradition, within that Made in Italy that is synonymous with excellence: all the stages of processing products, from the molding of semi-finished products, to epoxy powder painting; from storage and warehousing, to assembly and wiring are carried out within our production units and meet the highest quality standards according to the principles of Total Quality Management.