Lucy Ground Recessed Ground recessed with steel ring - High resistance to maritime climates

Lucy is a versatile luminaire, available in recessed wall, floor recessed and applique versions. The carefully chosen materials and the high corrosion protection make it suitable for installation in saline environments. The steel outer ring is resistant to corrosion and recyclable, while the polycarbonate of the recessed body remains unaltered even in the face of high temperatures and aggressive atmospheric agents. The absence of iron components, which oxidizing degrades the steel, determines a high longevity of the appliance in unfavorable environmental conditions such as coastal areas with high salinity. Also available with an octagonal-shaped ring that allows interesting architectural combinations.

Installation Type
Inground Recessed

Ploypropylene (PP)30% fiber UVStabilized GWT750

Stainless Steel AISI316L

Frosted Glass

Closed-cell EPDM rubber

Stainless steel A2


Recessed in polypropylene / round steel ferrule

Code Beam Class IP W Power supply Control Fixture CCT LED
1061R/WR1.VS.99 DIFFP-SU Diffuse >100° II 67 5W 220-240Vac 50/60hZ ON/OFF 260 lm 3000K
1061R/NR1.VS.99 DIFFP-SU Diffuse >100° II 67 5W 220-240Vac 50/60hZ ON/OFF 275 lm 4000K