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Egypt’s New Administrative Capital

The new and futuristic capital of Egypt will be the site for the main government departments and ministries, as well as foreign embassies. It will host over six million people and represent the main reference point for the country with the biggest population in the Middle East. The new capital will occupy an area of 700 square kilometres and will be located about 40 kilometres east of Cairo. The residential area will be the site of parliament, the presidential palace, a centralised business district, airport, tower with over eighty floors and an enormous urban park, even bigger than Central Park. The city will also be the site of a technological and innovation hub, more than 1.000 mosques, over 40.000 hotel rooms and 2.000 schools, lakes and an artificial river. The whole area will be connected by a monorail with 21 stations and a new direct air route to Cairo.

The installation of approximately 10.000 lighting fixtures for Egypt’s new administrative and financial capital. To illuminate the façade of Ministry Buildings our 3000°K Matrix Recessed and Matrix Floodlights were used.
Platho in-ground luminaires and Lunos spotlights were also installed.
Augenti Lighting is behind this important and prestigious project, supplying Made in Italy excellence through its Egyptian partners.

ProjectNew Administrative Capital - Cairo, Egypt