Linee morbide ed accattivanti che permettono di arricchire gli spazi con effetti di luce suggestivi.

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La vera espressione del mondo LED, ottimizzato in tutte le sue parti per sfruttare al meglio le caratteristiche di questa sorgente.

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La cornice in alluminio conferisce compattezza visiva e uno stile minimale.

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Stile geometrico e moderno, flessibilità di utilizzo e massima personalizzazione.

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Efficient products, new ideas, constant development and experience gained through years of work, are factors of an equation that combines empirical and technological, in a perfect mix to guarantee a high quality standard

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Augenti Lighting, continuing the Augenti tradition, produces a range of products suitable for outdoor and indoor, residential and urban lighting. Luminaires that combine innovative design with high-level technical services, always maintaining the design and construction with high quality materials and exclusively made in Italy

Collections and news with an extra gear. Our goal is to offer architectural solutions that can meet various needs in every corner of the world. From application to decorative applications, from outdoor spaces to urban furnishing to enhance, give greater beauty and increase the performance of houses, buildings, large projects.

Always attentive to new technologies, we are able to remain in line with the evolution of lighting techniques, producing state-of-the-art equipment, with increasingly efficient and preforming LEDs or with new powder coating techniques, which are suitable for every display, a feature that today is reflected in most of the notre collections.

Augenti Lighting

Augenti Lighting was born and developed within the Italian manufacturing tradition, aligning that made in Italy that is synonymous with excellence.
Each product is built with art and passion, a composition of more harmonious voices that become form and beauty in the absolute state.
Investments in research, innovation and design to design solutions with new impetus and energy, being able to take advantage of the manufacturing capacity from which the brand was acquired.
In the creation of an authentic style, in Augenti Tradizionale, each of our projects is enriched with historical echoes and pious references from the past.

Redesign the space

Augenti Lighting maintains the production of the Architetturale line,
     with a look towards the contemporary world and more advanced technical and functional solutions.

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